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Get the job done

I bought 2 pair for my husband and he just love them ,ordering another pair soon. Recommend them if you play any sports

So far so good, seems to ease my pain with work all day.

Great leg and knee support

I had a stroke 6 months ago and have been walking alot and weight training to help recover from the injury.
The sleeves give me the support I want and need .
I highly recommend them!!!


I have worn these for 2 weeks for my sciatic nerve on my right leg and my sore knee on my left leg and what a relief

Best results ever

I wore the knee and leg sleeves to help with my knees while playing golf! I could turn fully with no pain, shoot a real good round
Thom Matte

Worked Wonders

I hadn't played basketball in over 10 yrs. This past weekend I played in a Cinco de Mayo tournament. 3 games played on Saturday. Didn't expect to play 3 full games but we did. 3rd game my left calve stared cramping and I put on the sleeve and took care of the issue. It allowed me to continue and finish the game. I am beyond satisfied with this product. 5 FREAKING STARS OVER AND OVER!!!

So Far So Good

The Theraflex compression leg are a good deal, very comfortable and ease a lot of pain in my legs and knees when walking. I need to wear them more but so far so good. I wish they came in different colors, that would be awsome.

New life, life saver

I had Total Knee replacement I feel 4 feet off the ladder. I'm 5" 11: 320 I could walk for a year without pain , Until I found Theraflex, God bless, But I wish it comes in 4 xl

Husband sooo satisfied!

My husband was complaining that his legs and knees hurts because he stands all day on a concrete floor. I purchase these Theraflex for him and he swears they are working. His legs don’t hurt as much and he’s not in a lot of pain. So thanks Theraflex!

Awesome sleeves

Eversince I bought the theraflex sleeves, My legs and my knees doesn’t feel any pain anymore from standing at my work for 8 hours. This product works like miracle! Should have bought this long time ago. Highly recommended.


Incredibly Soft compression sleeves for your legs!! Bought 2 pair, didn’t know if I would even wear them, and now I can’t seem to take them off!!!! Can sleep in them, probably could shower in them, but I wouldn’t want wet legs all day! Going to get 3 More pair, would like to see the company make some from mid thigh to the toes!!


Just plain works!
Worth the money, no regrets!
The size guide is right on

All day comfort

I replaced my knee sleeves with the TheraFlex after reading all the positive reviews. I should have purchased two as I'm wearing them everyday! And of course during my workouts. Great support all the way up. Not a lot of adjusting either. Stays in place.

A God send.

I am so excited to say that I feel fantastic & pain-free. I wore them to work on the day after I got them & I worked my entire shift with no pain.


Absolutely a complete game changer. I have taught dancing for 35 years. Also entertained through song and dance. So my legs needless to say I am quite disarray. These are allowing me to maintain my heavy teaching schedule. Continued success to you. Thank you so much.

3 pack/deal

I had the sock compression before and wanted a little bit more . These leg compression work all day at work, while hiking or playing Tennis. Glad I got the 3pack deal so I can wash after each use and air dry and still have (2) ready to go. Make sure you measure correctly so you get the right amount of compression for your legs. Will buy again

Enjoying TheraFlex

I am enjoying the TheraFlex product. It helps my legs and knees. I have spinal injuries and this helps my legs. I am happy to have purchased two pairs.

Love em'.

Great product!


Leg sleeve help my restless legs I love it.

Been using these consistently since I received them a week or so ago...instant relief. Good compression, they don't slide down my leg even after several hours of wear. I've had knee discomfort the last few months and these have made doing simple things like going up and down stairs a lot easier to do. I 1000% recommend these things.

The real deal !!!

I wear them every day. No more leg pain. Fantastic for the gym or work. I climb ladders at work and at the end of the day I'm still ready for other activities. They are made so well and strong, no need to look elsewhere for any other products.They are the real deal.

They Just Feel Great

Did a little trial workout with them and love the support. These simply feel great when you put them on and do nothing. Trying them out on the track in the morning!

Theraflex review

Great product, I have 2 sets and us them daily.

New legs

Greattttttttt Product on my feet all day so much comfort on my knees. Looking forward to playing some ball in them

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