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Excellent relief

I've been interested to see if a compression sleeve would provide a boost for workouts. Lighter than a brace they do give exactly the kind of boost of comfort and pain relief that I was looking for. These are great during workouts, and don't look bad outside of the gym with a pair of shorts.
I've worn then with business casual attire at work and they're comfortable to keep on all day in the humid KC summer weather. I'm ordering a second pair right now.

Great Product

After debating for weeks whether I should order these or not, I finally pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did. These sleeves are perfect. I suffered a hamstring injury and I needed something to give me support and keep the area warm and these did the trick. The sleeves have great compression and the material is very comfortable. As a bodybuilder I work out pretty hard and the sleeves stayed up no problem.

Theraflex Is the Solution I Seeked

Working from home and sitting for several hours at a time became a daunting task on my legs. With Theraflex now, the blood flow on my legs is even, so I can work long hours sitting down.


I purchased these stockings because I have poor circulation in my legs and develop swelling but with these compression stockings I have very little swelling and that helps control my RLS also.

Amazing Product!

I love the theraflex leggings! You have a new customer for life. For the first time ever, I haven't experienced pain or discomfort while being on my feet for 12 hour shifts at work! My picture is of my leggings drying, as I followed the instructions on how to wash them. I'm going to definitely take care of these because they're such a wonderful product. Thank you!


The delivery was faster then expected. My position is as an HVAC installer. Im 46 years old. The next youngest installer on our team is 30. Yes, I'm 16 years his senior. I am running circles around these younger guys but what they don't know is it comes with a cost. Tired and painful legs. These compression fittings have helped me immensely. I definitely recommend anybody with an active lifestyle to pick up a few pairs. I have my first pair. I'm definitely going to order a few more. Thanks Theraflex!!

Impressed by the quality and performance

I'm a 55+ athlete and have been using the TheraFlex sleeves for CrossFit workouts. They've worked just fine through a whole mix of activities in each workout: running, squats, box climb-overs, lunges, etc. Just put them on and they stay put. They are well made and do not have a "cheap" look or feel of similar products produced en masse for the online marketplace.

The compression feels good on fatigued, sore legs during a typical week of workouts, which for me consists of CrossFit and triathlon training. The compression and support gives me some confidence that I won't tweak a calf or leg muscle while working out.

I'm happy I bought the two-pair bundle. When one pair is being washed/dried, I can use the other pair. Might get another pair to add to the rotation :)

Great results within 4 days!

Had been suffering from severe right knee pain for over a month (over use; 5k race, reffed 6 soccer games and major hike within a week). At 64, struggling to walk, extremely tight legs. I decided to give these a try. Order arrived in 3 DAYS! Within 4 days, Major improvement!!! Looking forward to continuing progress.

Best compression leg sleeves

Ordered these compression leg sleeves to control my varicose vein’s on my legs. They felt so good wearing them all day that I ordered another pair.

Theraflex review

Amazing on my knees
Plan on buying a 4x love them

I love the product from the initial wear.

I’ve tried them all, this is the best

I have had knee problems from almost 20 years, having had my right knee replaced four times! Theraflex is without a doubt the best knee support and compression sleeve that I have ever worn. I go to the gym several times a week and work with a personal trainer twice a week. I do all of this absolutely pain free. I couldn’t be happier, and I highly recommend Theraflex to anyone needing extra support for knee and leg discomfort. I guarantee you will have no more discomfort!

Floppy knee

I had 2 strokes 3 yrs ago and after 2nd stroke my left leg and knee became very unstable. I purchased Thera flex with the hope it would give me more stability and the results have been amazing. I wear on both legs as often and as long as I can. The weather has heated up and the comfort level has been great.

Pain Free

Got fast service and a High Quality 2pair bundle ! I now have 4 pairs and are now pain free !! Highly Recommend TheraFlex !!

These compression sleeves works

I ordered two pair of theraflex. I don’t feel any pain when I’m working out or walking at the trail. I love them. I will recommend this product to anyone who suffers from knee pain.

Love them..

The compression and fit are excellent! I wear these when I workout and they are very comfortable and the support is great. I feel like wearing these all day everyday! I've tried others, these are the best. I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed. Did I mention the great price?


I ordered a pair of these and I have to say that I am very happy with them. They fit perfect and they don't move.

So far, I like them

The next size, I think would be too big

Best compression ever

Theraflex, relieve arthritis pain in my right knee completely...prior to receiving 'em , I walk cautiously becuz of knee pain; after 2days of wear , my knee felt Strong & Stable. Thanks to Theraflex, I FEEL GOOD!

Get the job done

I bought 2 pair for my husband and he just love them ,ordering another pair soon. Recommend them if you play any sports

So far so good, seems to ease my pain with work all day.

Great leg and knee support

I had a stroke 6 months ago and have been walking alot and weight training to help recover from the injury.
The sleeves give me the support I want and need .
I highly recommend them!!!


I have worn these for 2 weeks for my sciatic nerve on my right leg and my sore knee on my left leg and what a relief

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