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Honestly this really surprised me, I was able to go full throttle playing basketball and get secure the whole way.

Love these!

Excellent buy! Can’t wait for my 2nd pair. My knees really bother me, and these have helped more than I could imagine until I tried it for myself.

I am blown away

As someone who has used Walmart and Target compression items, I am blown away by the quality and comfort of these. I definitely should have made the transition sooner.


Sounds crazy but it almost felt like giving my leg the ability to breathe.. I could feel my whole leg start getting blood flow.


Love Theraflex compression stockings. Definitely feel the difference when exercising whether it’s Hiit training or lifting weights. Highly recommend this product

Great relief for pain

My ability to walk improved considerably since I started using Theraflex, I can now move from one place to the other with less pain


These are fantastic, my knees feel great after doing all sorts of activities and wearing them.

Excellent product, wear it almost daily.

Well worth the investment. Fully satisfied with the price and the product
Thinking of getting another very soon. Can't recommend it enough.

Quality product!

These are great compression sleeves, with high-quality fabric. Very satisfied.

As advertised

Very happy with these sleeves. I love the stability it adds, the whole leg just feels more secure and energized. And they stay up!

The best!

The best SLEEVES IN THE GAME!! Hands down!! I would ref 4-5 games and my feet and knees would hurt. Invested in the sleeves and felt amazing during and after the games!! Had to buy two pairs!

Much needed help.

Being disabled from a spinal injury, is hard to get around in after getting out of a wheelchair and using a walker and walking is hard, I tried several different knee braces which were bulky and uncomfortable. The last thing these were advertise I tried them, and they really work for me they give me confidence and safety when I’m not using my walker. I recommend it to anyone and everybody especially if you’re disabled And you have leg problems knee problems any type of leg issues it’s a very good product.

I have experienced lower leg pains over the past year and the compression my leg sleeves provide have lessened the discomfort and has allowed me a higher level of mobility. I highly reccomend you product.

Exceptional Product and Customer Service

The customer service provided by Quinn with TheraFlex was exceptional! We had an issue with our order that was corrected immediately. The compression sleeves are providing relief for a knee injury from skiing and with the sleeves in hand, I am looking forward to hitting the slopes again in two weeks.
Thank you TheraFlex!

Love it!!

TheraFlex is true to soze and very much needed. I've had to deal with an hamstring injury and wearing the TheraFlex leg compression has really helped during and after my workouts. I don't have as much pain and can really get through my exercises longer.

Feels great

I wear them when I go hiking and playing softball. I’ve only worn them twice, so far so good.

I'm a Vietnam veteran

I I am please with the order the sleeves they are wonderful of my legs feel good I'm also musician so I got to stand up and play and they are working great keep up the job keep improving on those leaves because they are great and I'm recommending a lot of friends of mines so thank you and you're doing a good job God bless you guys


Love them! I bought two, one for each leg. Best thing ever for my legs.

Great buy

I've tried a few different knee sleeves over the last year. I can say these are by far the best quality one I've purchased. They cost a little more,, but they are comfortable and functional. This is the first sleeve that so far have not slipped down my leg. I'm still looking at the correct size. But all in all they are doing what I want. Which is to keep my legs warm and add some support.

My Flexing response!:)

This is such a great product... Especially for me when I ha e varicose veins and superficial clots in my right leg. Lately since I e been wearing them the pain has gone down... And when I walk its like I'm being sprinted forward lol. Very comfortable can wear with pants no problem let alone with any clothing!! And the stlye id great for men and women... Love the website to ordering is super easy and helpful with sizing and everything else with putting in your info... I would highly recommend this product for ppl suffering from leg pain restless legs vein problems or any other type of leg problem you may have!! Gray color is actually sweet.... Will be ordering again in the future.. Thank you all from the therapies team!!! Take care!!

Great product!!!

Love these! I hurt my knee on Halloween (UPS delivery driver) and I’ve have suffered since. Every other compression sleeve slides down, I’m always pulling them up and fighting them but NOT YOURS!!!! I’m ordering another pair!!! Thanks

Great Support and Comfort

I am a basketball official. I usually wear knee and hamstring wraps for support and to keep joints warm. I wore the TheraFlex leggings and really liked everything about them. From my hamstrings to my calves I had support, comfort and my legs stayed warm. The material is great - you feel the support without the bulk, fit perfectly under my slacks. The fit is snug and the material and rubber ribbed tops kept them up (no slipping down). Highly recommend them.

Excellent relief

The theraflex sleeve provides comfort to bone on bone knee.

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